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XIOM's Sponsored Player Jang Woo Jin
2010 ITTF International Cadet Challenge Champion

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xiom omega IV
XIOM Omega IV 4 Pro, Asia, Europe released on 9/1/2010 in the United States

xiom omega III 3 euro
XIOM Omega III 3 Euro (Best Selling Rubber in Japan)

xiom hard case racket cover
XIOM Hard Case Racket Cover

xiom towel
XIOM Towel

xiom chinese penhold single ply Hinoki
XIOM Chinese Penhold Singly Ply Kiso Hinoki Blade

xiom vega pro
XIOM Vega Pro released on 12/1/2009 in the United States

XIOM Vega Pro, Asia, Europe Rubbers Comparison

xiom zeta

Chinese Style Rubber with Speed Glue Effect

Ryu Seung Min, the 2004 Olympic Champion and the XIOM Ambassador, congratulates TableTennisStore.US on it's one year anniversary!

XIOM Table Tennis Ryu Seung Min XIOM Supplier and Distributor in America - TableTennisStore.US!

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alfred najem
Alfred Najem, the TableTennisStore.US/XIOM USA Sponsored Player.
Forehand: XIOM Omega III Asian 2.0mm
Backhand: XIOM Omega II 2.0mm

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